Disease management

Onion diseases  have always been an important factor for the loss. To combat these we need to identify the symptoms, understand the exact cause beneath and endeavour effective measures to irradicate the pathogen at the earliest as possible


Pest management
It is important that onion Pest be recognized early in their development so that effective management strategies can be implemented. Thrips are the most important insect pests on onions. Adults are yellowish to yellowish brown with narrow wings 




Broadcasting or drill sowing

Broadcasting or drill sowing: This method is in practice in Northern Districts of Karnataka State. This is not a good practice since the yields obtained in this method are comparatively low.
i) Broadcasting: After the land is ready incorporate the entire quantity of farmyard manure and fertilizers into the soil. Prepare small plots of 120x120cm (4x4ft) and broadcast seeds thinly. Thin out the seedlings after four weeks, retaining one seedling at 7.5cm apart.
ii) Drill sowing: After the land is ready apply the entire quantity of farmyard manure and fertilizers and mix them well in the soil. Drill the seeds cross-wise in both directions giving a spacing of 25 to 30cm.

Seed rate & Sowing

Nursery management


Broadcasting or drill sowing

Planting bulbs

Manures and fertilizers & Weeding

Irrigation and inter-culture

Harvesting and yield



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