Disease management

Onion diseases  have always been an important factor for the loss. To combat these we need to identify the symptoms, understand the exact cause beneath and endeavour effective measures to irradicate the pathogen at the earliest as possible


Pest management
It is important that onion Pest be recognized early in their development so that effective management strategies can be implemented. Thrips are the most important insect pests on onions. Adults are yellowish to yellowish brown with narrow wings 




Varieties - Released by IIHR

arka yojith

Onion Varieties released from IIHR, Bangalore

 White onions are preferred over red and other colour onion as the product quality and storage quality is superior to other colour onion. Recently identified white onion variety Arka Yojith (AS16) for dehydration.

  • Arka Kalyan: 

  • This high yielding variety (35-45t/ha) has deep red, globe shaped bulbs.  It is moderately resistant to purple blotch disease and is preferred for cultivation during Kharif season. 

  • Duration of the crop is 140 days.


    Arka Kirthiman

  • High yielding F1 hybrid

  • Medium size bulbs with globe shape and firm texture

  • Bulbs red to light red in colour

  • Bulb weight : 120 -125 g

  • Long storage life (4-5 months)

  • Suitable for Kharif and Rabi season

  • Duration : 125-130 days

  • Bulb Yield: 45 t/ha

  • Arka Lalima


  • High yielding F1 hybrid

  • Medium to big sized bulbs with globe shape and firm texture

  • Bulbs red to dark red in colour

  • Bulb weight: 120-130g

  • Long storage life (4-5 months)

  • Suitable for Kharif and Rabi seasons

  • Duration :130-140 days

  • Bulb yield: 47 t/ha


    Synthetic Onion : Arka Akshay

  • It is a tri-parental synthetic variety

    Bulb colour : Dark Red

  • Bulb shape: Globe

  • Average bulb weight: 115 g

  • Crop duration : 130 days

  • Average yield : 45 t/ha


    Synthetic Onion : Arka Bheem

  • It is a tri-parental synthetic variety

  • Bulb colour: Red to pinkish red

  • Bulb shape : Elongated globe

  • Average bulb weight: 120 g

  • Crop duration: 130 days

  • Average yield: 47 t/ha


Arka Niketan: 

Medium sized, globe shaped bulbs of this high yielding variety  have attractive red colored scales. 
Average yield: 33 to 40t/ha
It has excellent storage quality and can be successfully grown both in Rabi and Kharif seasons. 
Crop duration is about 145 days.



Arka Pragathi:  Bulbs are globe shaped, medium sized with thin neck deep red outer scales and early bulb maturity.  Can be grown in Rabi and Kharif seasons Bulb yield is 30-40 t/ha and crop duration is 130 days.


Arka Bindu:   Suitable for export market (Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia), gives deep pink bulb of small size (2.5-3.5 cm), flattish globe shape, high T.S.S (14-16%) and high pungency. Bulbs mature in 100 days from sowing.  Bulb yields 25 t/ha.


Arka Pitamber: Suitable for export (European countries). Bulbs are yellow in colour with medium size, mild pungent, suitable for Rabi season. Bulb yield  is 35 t/ha.


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